Patient Guide

  • Visiting Hours:
Visiting Hours are every day from 2 pm to 4 pm and each patient in VIP room can have a 24-hour companion. Visitors for patients in mathernity ward should prepherably be female.
  • Nutrition:
Food serving hours

Breakfast: 7am

Lunch: 12 noon

Dinner: 7 pm

supper: 4 pm-tea

  • Facilities:
Each patient will be provided with a bed and a closet and there is a refrigerator in each room.

All the rooms are equiped with a TV, an airconditioner and sofa for patients companion.
Each patient will be given a big including: a disposable bedding-toothbrush-toothpaste-paper towels and slippers
  • Admission:
The patient will be referred to the admission department with his/her companion and the admission paper from the doctor and after filling admission forms he /she will be referred to the relevant department . The nurse provides the patient with the required information. If the patient is referred for surgery, he or she will be in hospital at the time of the night before surgery, or if he / she goes home with the consent of the physician, he/she should pay close attention to instructions provided by the nurse. (Be sure to tell your doctor and nurse if you have a history of specific illness or taking medication at home.)
  • Operation Day
Dear patient, please be in the relevant department at the exact time you were told by the nurse and after changing clothes and .... return to your room and rest in the bed, the nurse will come for you when your turn comes
  • Discharge:
The patient will be discharged by his physician's written instructions and his documents will be reffered to discharge unit after they are completed by the nurse of the dipartment. The patient's companion should reffer to the discharge unit and after completeing the discharge process and receiving a letter regarding the patient's discharge, the companion should return to his/her patient's ward.
  • suggestions and criticisms:
The Suggestion Box is in the waiting room, we will be grateful to receive your constructive feedback.

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